Le marché mondial des conditionneurs d'air (en anglais)

Selon le JARN, le marché mondial des conditionneurs d'air a chuté de 3,6% sur un an en 2015, soit la première baisse depuis 2012. (en anglais)
According to JARN, the global air conditioner market fell by 3.6% year on year in 2015 – which is the first drop seen since 2012– with varying performances between geographic zones.

China, the world largest air conditioner market, fell by 8.7% due to macroeconomic obstacles and challenging weather conditions. However, manufacturers continued to expand their production volumes, resulting in a large amount of inventory.
The overall Southeast Asian market grew by 6% year on year, marking a decelerate growth rate. Vietnam experienced a sharp 35% expansion of its room air conditioner market due to prolonged spells of high temperatures, higher level of apartment construction and increasing urbanization.

Overall, the European air conditioner market, notably thanks to favorable weather conditions, grew by 6% with strong growth in Spain (+25%), Italy (+25%), France (+8%) and Germany (+8%).

JARN, January 25, 2016