Le marché mondial des conditionneurs d'air (en anglais)

Quelques chiffres du JARN sur le marché mondial des conditionneurs d'air.
According to JARN, the 2016 global air conditioner market saw a 5.5% year-on-year growth, increasing to 114 million units.

The Asian market remained attractive. The Southeast Asian market increased to 8.7 million units (+11.2%). India (5.1 million units, +21.2%) – pushed up notably by a scorching summer –, Vietnam (2.0 million units, +14.7%) – where the average penetration in urban areas has exceeded 10% – and Philippines (810,000 units, +17.4%) had the highest growth rates. China (47.1 million units, +7.6%) and Japan (9.6 million units, +2.4%) also experienced growth. The Middle Eastern market reached 5.5 million units (-3.4%); Saudi Arabia, the largest market in this region (1.7 million units), experienced a decrease of 5.4%.

In America, the US market, pushed up by a hot summer and a slight economy recovery, increased to 14.9 million units (+9.8%). The Latin American market decreased by 18.7% in 2016, mainly due to economic recession. Brazil, the largest Latin American market contracted 34.2%.

The European market increased to 6.2 million units (+11.7%). Italy (1.1 million units, +18.5%), Germany (0.18 million units, +13.8%), Spain (0.6 million units, +9.8%), with respective penetration rates of 30%, 5% and 40%, experienced the highest growths in 2016.
In Oceania, no big fluctuations were seen in the Australian market (0.9 million units, +2.0%).

The African market surpassed 2.8 million units (+8.3%). Major markets are Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and Algeria (+15.2%).

JARN, January 25, 2017