Le marché mondial des crèmes glacées en 2014 (en anglais)

Une étude de Mintel révèle que le marché mondial de la crème glacée a réussi à augmenter de 3% en 2014.
Mintel’s research reveals that the global ice cream market managed to muster a 3% increase in 2014.

The US experienced no annual growth between 2013 and 2014, while the Chinese market saw a mere 8% growth and Russia 7% growth during the same period.

Global volume sales of ice cream climbed slightly faster (4%), reflecting the category’s expansion in emerging markets. The industry is keenly focused on market opportunities and flavor inspirations to spur growth and re-engage consumers.

Growth in the ice cream market has encountered challenging conditions in more developed markets, including competition from other categories (e.g. yogurt), growing consumer concerns around health and dieting, as well as the perennial challenge of unseasonable weather.

Source: Mintel