Le marché mondial des équipements de chauffage, ventilation et conditionnement d’air en expansion

La région Asie-Pacifique a représenté en 2013 le plus gros marché d'équipement de chauffage, ventilation et conditionnement d’air, soit 54% du marché total.
According to a new study from The Freedonia Group, global demand for HVAC equipment is forecast to increase 5.7 % annually to USD 120 billion in 2018. 

Growth will be driven by an expansion of reliable energy sources; increases in income levels in China, India and other developing countries; making HVAC equipment more accessible to more consumers.

The Asia/Pacific region was the largest market for HVAC equipment in 2013, with 54 percent of the global total. Growth will be driven in large part by China, which will account for one-third of world sales in 2018. 

India and Indonesia, however, will record the fastest growth worldwide. Rapid economic growth, expansion in electrification and greater product availability have spurred demand for goods such as air conditioners in these and other developing Asian countries, and will continue to do so through the forecast period. 

The highly developed markets in Australia, Japan, and South Korea will limit further growth.  These countries have relatively high market penetration rates of HVAC equipment, so sales growth will be primarily influenced by weather patterns, as well as by building construction levels and replacement activity.

On a regional basis, North America is projected to achieve the most rapid gains through 2018, with HVAC equipment sales forecast to increase 6.8 % per year from a low 2013 base. 

The US, which accounts for the largest share of North American demand, was adversely affected in recent years by the 2007-2009 recession and subsequent slow recovery.  This caused consumers to postpone purchases -- either to replace an existing version or to add new equipment -- and to repair used equipment when possible. 

Sales growth will stem primarily from a release of this pent up demand.  Rebounding housing activity will also contribute to gains, as HVAC equipment is commonly installed when a new house is built or an existing house is sold.

World HVAC Equipment Demand (million USD)

% Annual Growth

2008 2013 2018 2008-2013 2013-2018
World 75180 91500 120500 +4.0 +5.7
North America 16620 16440 22850 -0.2 +6.8
Western Europe 13645 11470 14540 -3.4 +4.9
Asia/Pacific 32605 49380 65050 +8.7 +5.7
Central & South America 3205 4470 5780 +6.9 +5.3
Eastern Europe 5279 4990 6110 -1.1 +4.1
Africa/Mideast 3826 4750 6170 +4.4 +5.4