Le marché mondial des meubles frigorifiques de vente (en anglais)

Les meubles frigorifiques de vente - incluant les armoires frigorifiques - représentent environ 45% du marché mondial du froid commercial.
Refrigerated display cabinets are primarily used in supermarkets, hypermarkets and grocery shops to preserve, store, transport, and display temperature-sensitive, frozen and chilled food products. Visibility of a product is highly essential for the sale of goods, illustrating the importance of refrigerated display cabinets in food retailing.

New high-technology display cabinets are providing retailers with enhanced product visibility, reduced energy costs, increased pack-out and lower shrinkage levels. In addition to core developments in quality and designing, the roll out of white light LED lighting systems for reach-in cases, and microchips embedded within traditional compressors are the main focus of attention.

The global commercial refrigeration industry is highly fragmented with a diverse array of equipments and parts with numerous applications. The food and beverage retail sector will remain the most lucrative end-use market for commercial refrigeration, largely due to the growing number of food retailers, and continued popularity of frozen foods.

Refrigerated display cabinets together with walk-in refrigerators account for about 45% of the global commercial refrigeration equipments market.

Source: Researchandmarkets