Le marché mondial des refroidisseurs à absorption (en anglais)

Le marché mondial des refroidisseurs à absorption devrait représenter 983 milliards de dollars américains à l'horizon 2020.
Global market for absorption chillers is projected to reach USD 983 million by 2020, driven by stringent environmental protection norms and rising demand for energy-efficient cooling systems.

Asia-Pacific represents the largest and the fastest growing market worldwide with a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 4.5% over the analysis period. Although a major market already, Asia-Pacific still offers huge untapped market potential for absorption chillers, particularly in Tier-II and Tier III cities. With investments in energy-efficient technologies poised to grow at over 18% per annum, China is expected to spearhead demand for energy-efficient absorption chillers worldwide.

Key players covered in the report include Broad Air Conditioning Co. Ltd., Carrier Corporation, Century Corporation, EAW Energieanlagenbau GmbH, Hitachi Appliances Inc., Johnson Controls, LG Air Conditioning (Shandong) Co. Ltd., Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co. Ltd. (China), Robur Corporation, Thermax Inc., Trane Inc., and Yazaki Energy Systems Inc., among others.

Source: Global Industry Analysts