Le marché mondial des refroidisseurs d'eau en 2014

Le marché mondial des refroidisseurs d'eau a commencé à ralentir, en raison du ralentissement économique en Chine, le plus important marché dans le monde.
Impacted by the economic slowdown in China – the world’s largest chiller market – the global chiller market started to slow and posted a continuous drop in its growth rate. Based on BSRIA data, global chiller market scale was USD 8.46 billion in 2014, a 0.6% increase from 2013. By chiller type, centrifugal chillers reached USD 2.16 billion; reciprocating, screw and scroll chillers reached USD 5.39 billion; and absorption chillers over 350 kW were USD 0.91 billion. The shift away from reciprocating chillers towards scroll and screw products is continuing. Screw water-cooled chillers cost less than centrifugal chillers to manufacture and many high-efficiency models have been developed in small and medium tonnage ranges. Therefore, screw chillers are proving to be a formidable competitor to centrifugal chillers.

JARN, November 25, 2015