Le marché mondial des refroidisseurs (en anglais)

Selon BSRIA, la demande mondiale de refroidisseurs s'élevait à 7,47 milliards de dollars en 2016.

According to BSRIA, world chiller demand was at USD 7.47 billion in 2016, down 3.2% compared with 2015. Major chiller markets are China (30% of the global market), Europe (17%) and the USA (15%). Air-cooled chillers represent 42% of world demand. Water-cooled chillers (58% in total) are divided between centrifugal chillers (29%), positive displacement (screw, scroll and reciprocating types) chillers (20%) and absorption chillers (9%).

Even if they have experienced a decline of 1% in 2016, centrifugal chillers are the fastest growing segment as their demand has increased by about 140% in value over the last decade. This is because centrifugal chiller demand in China tripled during this period due to rapid urban development.

Source: JARN, November 25, 2017