Le marché mondial du conditionnement d'air en 2013

Selon le BSRIA, le marché mondial du conditionnement d'air s'est élevé à 65,5 milliards d'euros, correspondant à 117,2 millions d'unités. (en anglais)
BSRIA recently released figures concerning the 2013 global air-conditioning market.

Total market value of reached USD 89.9 billion for 117.2 million units.

Unducted standard split systems constitute an overwhelming majority of units sold, representing 71.3% of the market in terms of volume, followed by window systems at only 11%, US ducted splits (5.4%), fan coils (4.7%) and ducted standard splits (2.2%).

When viewed in terms of value, the ratio is slightly less unbalanced, with unducted standard splits still representing 54.2% of the market, followed this time by VRF systems (10.6%), chillers (9.2%), US ducted splits (6.6%) and rooftops (4.2%).

China represents 39.5% of the market in terms of volume (31.1% in terms of value), the USA 13.9% (14.3% in terms of value), Japan (7.6% - 14.9%) and Brazil (4.6% - 2.6%).

Other significant markets in terms of volume include India (2.9%), Indonesia (2.2%), Russia (2%), Thailand, Saudi Arabia and South Korea, each with figures around 1.5%.