Le marché mondial du conditionnement d'air mobile (en anglais)

Les ventes de conditionneurs d'air mobiles se concentrent sur l'Asie, l'Europe et les Amériques, les deux plus gros marchés étant la Chine (26,1%) et l'Europe (22,3%).
The demand for MAC systems is currently divided between Asia, the EU and the Americas, with the biggest markets being China (26.1%) and Europe (22.3%).

The demand for MAC systems follows the production of cars. Most cars are manufactured by a few dominant brands from the USA, Japan and Europe.

The global estimated distribution of MAC-equipped automobile production in 2012 is 57 million units, including 13.3 in Europe, 13.2 in China, 8.6 in Japan, 4.1 in the US, 4 in South Korea, 2.6 in India and 2.3 in Brazil.
Japan (4.6 million unit sales, 8.6 production capacity) and the European Union (11.3 million unit sales, 13.3 production capacity), which have a surplus production over sales, are considered major car-exporting countries.

Seven companies cover over 90% of the market - Denso, Calsonic Kansei, Keihin, Halla-Visteon, Delphi, Valeo, Behr.

Source : The Green Cooling Initiative (GCI)