Le marché mondial du GNL en 2016 (en anglais)

Dans le monde entier, les exportations de GNL pourraient atteindre 257,9 millions de tonnes en 2016, soit une hausse de 25 millions comparée à 2015.
At the end of February 2016, LNG was trading for USD 4.50 per million Btu – less than a fifth of the USD 20/million Btu that Japan was paying just two years earlier. Northwest European spot prices have also struggled in the first quarter of 2016, trading down from USD 6/million Btu at the start of the year to around USD 4.18/million Btu at the end of February.

More LNG from Australia this year, from Angola and possibly even from war-torn Yemen will also add to global production. Across the world, LNG exports could reach 257.9 million tonnes in 2016 – almost 25 million more than in 2015. Next year, forecast consultancy energy aspects, the total will rise again, reaching 305.7 million tonnes.

Between them, Australia and Asia will provide the bulk of this year’s LNG supply – almost 99 million tonnes. The Middle East (mainly Qatar) will export almost 88 million tonnes and the US will supply almost 21 million tonnes. Demand, though, won’t keep up this year, rising by just 20 million tonnes (around 9%).

Key figures

Source: World LNG Factbook 2016