Le marché russe des vitrines réfrigérées

Selon les experts, le volume du marché a augmenté d'environ 25% entre 2011 et 2012.
In 2012, the Russian refrigerated cases market showed an upward trend development linked to  sustainable growth in the economy of the Russian Federation. According to experts, the market volume in 2012 compared to 2011 increased by about 25%. This expansion was provoked by the introduction of new refrigerated case models.   

In 2012, the domestic production share of refrigerated cases in the overall market was approximately 28%, while the share of imports amounted to 72%. Output of products from Ukraine, Italy and Finland dominated the Russian market. Built-in refrigerated cases led sales (78%) and remote refrigerated cases reached about 28%.   

The export volume of refrigerated cases amounted to 12% of the overall market share with Ukraine being the largest consumer of Russian refrigerated cases with about 88%.   

The leaders in the production of refrigerated cases were Atesy, Golfstream, Polyus and Marikholodmash.   

Source :ResearchandMarkets