Le nouveau HFO 1336mzz de DuPont pourrait remplacer le R123 (en anglais)

DuPont a annoncé qu'il va commencer la production à petite échelle d'un nouveau HFO à faible GWP qui pourrait remplacer le R123.
DuPont has announced it is to start small scale production of a new low GWP HFO for the foam industry which could ultimately also have applications as a refrigerant.

The chemical company says it has established firm plans to start-up small-scale production this year of HFO1336mzz.To be marketed as Formacel 1100 foam expansion agent, the new gas is described as a non-flammable liquid at ambient temperature, with a boiling point better suited to polyurethane foam chemistry, processes and equipment. Unlike lower boiling HFC options, Formacel 1100 can be handled like HCFC-141b, eliminating some of the challenges presented by lower boiling points.

According to Cooling Post, this HFO1336mzz is another refrigerant being considered as both a replacement for the HCFC123 in centrifugal chillers and as a working fluid in high temperature heat pumps. On top of its low GWP (less than 10), it is estimated to be of similar efficiency to R123 in chiller applications but has a volumetric cooling capacity 21% lower.

Although not a drop-in replacement for existing R123 chillers, HFO1336mzz could be considered as an alternative along with R134a, R1234yf, and another DuPont refrigerant DR-11 (a blend of R134a and R1234yf).

The COP of HFO1336mzz is said to be 4.6% higher than R134a, 7.2% higher than DR-11 and 9.5% higher than R1234yf.