Le premier gratte-ciel rotatif du monde dévoilé à Dubai (en anglais)

Les étages de la "Dyanmic Tower", qui devrait être construite d'ici 2020, pourront pivoter à 360 degrés.

It is in the head of David Fisher, architect at Dynamic Architecture, that this futuristic and totally hallucinating architectural project was born: an 80-story, 420-m tower with floors that can rotate 360 degrees in both directions.

This “dancing tower” will continuously change shape thanks to a voice-activated technology allowing residents to spin their apartments just by speaking, and up to 79 wind turbines placed horizontally between the floors and solar panels on the roof that produce the tower's energy. The surplus energy acquired from the turbines and solar panels is expected produce enough electricity to power five other similarly sized buildings.

A special elevator built inside the central concrete core will let residents transport their car to their floor and park it next to their apartment. The tower's floors will be prefabricated units, made of steel, aluminium and carbon fibre materials.

Dynamic Architecture hopes the skyscraper - dubbed the Dynamic Tower - will be gracing Dubai's skyline by 2020. It will be one of Dubai's tallest buildings and an individual apartment unit will range from USD 4 million to USD 40 million.