Le projet de recherche CoolFish étudiera les systèmes de refroidissement écoénergétiques à bord des navires de pêche (en anglais)

Le projet de recherche Coolfish a été lancé récemment. Il a pour objectif d'étudier les systèmes de refroidissement écoénergétiques à bord des navires de pêche.

CoolFish project to increase knowledge transfer between research and industry

CoolFish is a newly started Norwegian research project, which is scheduled to run for the next 4 years. The ambition of the project is to assist in the development of energy efficient and climate friendly systems for cooling, freezing and heating on board fishing vessels.

These are the objectives:

  • Adapt simulation models for system analyses, development and optimisation of integrated refrigeration systems
  • Develop design specifications for robust and compact refrigeration technology using natural refrigerants, for high energy efficient operation at varying conditions
  • Develop systems for increased utilisation of combined heating and cooling, including compact heat and cold thermal storage and heat pumps
  • Develop concepts for utilising surplus cold onboard LNG fuelled vessels
  • Evaluate and adapt methods for calculating and communicating the carbon footprint and environmental impact of refrigeration systems
  • Establish a Maritime Refrigeration Technology Hub for R&D
  • Take on one PhD or one postdoc student and six MSc candidates

The project is led by SINTEF Ocean, SINTEF Energy and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). There will be close cooperation with both Norwegian industry and the international scientific community, where IIR is an important partner.

The industry partners which are involved are MMC First Process, Ulmatec Pyro and Sørheim Holding. However, to fulfil the goals of the project it is necessary to include more industry partners, from Norway or industries with relations to Norway.

If you want to know more about industry participation, please contact senior research scientist Kristina N. Widell (kristina.widell@sintef.no).

Call for postdoc student

A PhD or postdoc student will be taken on for the project. The PhD candidate or postdoc fellow will be involved in adapting Modelica-based simulation models and performing transient thermal analyses of the integrated vapour compression units including onboard thermal storage.

Apply online at jobbnorge.no.

For more information about the CoolFish project, visit the project webpage: https://www.sintef.no/en/projects/coolfish