Le projet européen Cryohub à Pékin

L'atelier Cryohub organisé par l'IIF lors de la 5e Conférence internationale sur la durabilité et la chaîne du froid a attiré de nombreux participants le 7 avril à Pékin.

The IIR organised a well-attended CryoHub workshop at the 5th ICCC in Beijing on April 7th. The CryoHub project is an EU Horizon 2020 project developing liquid air energy storage as a means to store energy at cold storage warehouses.

At the workshop, several teams from the CryoHub project presented information on what the CryoHub project will achieve, the design of the liquid air energy storage demonstrator that will be one of the main products of the project, and the economics of liquid air energy storage.

In addition, Professor Haisheng Chen from the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a very interesting presentation on the state of energy storage in China. Copies of the presentations will be made available on the CryoHub website.