Le Qatar va interdire les conditionneurs d'air énergivores (en anglais)

L'importation, le stockage, la commercialisation et la vente de conditionneurs d'air énergivores seront interdits au Qatar à compter du 1er juillet 2016. (en anglais)
The importation, storage, display and sale of inefficient air conditioners is to be banned in Qatar from July 1, 2016.

The Qatari Ministry of Municipality and Environment has set a new deadline of July 1, 2016 for phasing out all conventional air conditioners from the local market that do not meet the Qatar General Organisation for Standardisation (QS). Window and split air conditioners (ACs) that fail to reach an EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of 8.5 under new standards and technical regulations will be banned.

The aim of the rationalisation programme on all electrical appliances is to reduce average energy consumption by 20%. The energy-saving air conditioners that will eventually replace the conventional ones are expected to be slightly more expensive. However, the customers will benefit from reduced electricity bills due to lower energy consumption.

In the same time, importers and dealers are gearing up for the proposed ban on conventional ACs but they are anticipating a grace period to clear the existing stocks.
According to a senior official of a company dealing in a popular brand of electrical and electronic products, dealers are now placing new orders with manufacturers to deliver ACs meeting the new specifications. However, he pointed out that despite repeated reminders by the authorities and several extended deadlines, few in the market have anticipated that the regulation could be implemented this year.

Sources from another company dealing in a different brand of ACs said the traders will find it extremely difficult to clear their existing stocks by July 1. “From the beginning of this year, we have placed orders for thousands of units with the old specification and we have been revising the orders as per demand. How are we going to dispose of all these stocks by July? The demand for ACs will start only at the beginning of summer,” said an official.

The ministry has warned of legal action against traders and importers violating the rule but has not so far mentioned about a possible grace period.

The Qatar General Organization for Standardization (QS) at the ministry had said that it will conduct intensive inspection campaigns after the July 1 deadline.