Le top 10 des villes du monde aux bâtiments écologiques (en anglais)

Paris, Singapour et Londres figurent dans le top 3 des villes du monde possédant des bâtiments écologiques.
Paris, Singapore, and London came up as the top 3 global cities for green buildings, according to a recent white paper published by Solidiance, a management consultancy firm focused on Asia. The white paper aims to assess and compare the performance of the top 10 global cities specifically with regards to green buildings.

Buildings are the largest energy-consuming sector worldwide – accounting for more than 40% of global energy-use and responsible for an estimated 30% of city-wide emissions. The need for better building performance is becoming ever so important and the total number of green building is found to be doubling every three years worldwide as a response to accelerating demand for sustainability.

Solidiance has evaluated and assessed a number of global cities particularly on their green building performance, and come up with the top 10 performers based on a set of criteria and methodology.

The methodology used to assess the global cities for their green building performance are drawn across four categories, as follows: City-wide Green Building Landscape; Buildings Efficiency and Performance; Green Building Policies and Targets; Green
 City Culture and Environment.

Source : Solidiance