Les américains adorent les crèmes glacées ! (en anglais)

Un récent sondage de Yahoo a révélé que les crèmes glacées étaient le dessert préféré de 41% des américains. (en anglais)
A recent Yahoo Food survey found that ice cream is 41% of American’s favorite dessert.

According to the survey, ice creams' most adoring fans are young teenagers and North-easterners, which found 56% of 13 to 17 year-olds say ice cream is their favorite dessert, compared to 38% to 39% of millennials and adults older than 35 years.  In addition, it revealed that 49% of North-easterners say ice cream is their favorite dessert, compared to only 37% on the West Coast.

While Americans are united in liking ice cream, they are highly divided on what is the best flavor, which creates many marketing opportunities for manufacturers.

Chocolate eked out the top spot with 16% of consumers saying it was their favorite ice cream flavor, followed closely by cookies and cream, which won 13% of American’s hearts, according to the survey. Vanilla, which came in at 12%, took third place, followed by cookie dough and mint chocolate chip, which both captured 11%.

Savory ice creams are a less explored field and present substantial potential. The Yahoo Food survey found nearly half of Americans either like or love savory ice cream.

However, 39% of the consumers who eat the most ice cream (13 to 17 year-olds) have never heard of savory ice cream, and would therefore probably not be the best target demographic. A third of adults older than 18 also said they didn’t know about savory ice cream which could indicate that substantial marketing support might be necessary in order to sell the idea to the masses.

This could change quickly however: "In an attempt to attract the more sophisticated palates of some adults, brands are incorporating everything from bitter fruits and vegetables to cheese and alcohol, creating signature flavors.”

Concerning the price of ice cream, the Yahoo Food survey found 60% of Americans wanted to spend less than USD 5 for a pint. This could pinch the margins for makers of super high-end ice creams made from expensive or hard-to-find ingredients. For them, their best bet might be to target individuals over 35. This is the group that drove the third of Americans who said they would be willing to spend more than USD 5 on a pint.

Finally, the Yahoo Food survey suggests that ice cream is not a seasonal treat: more than half of Americans say it’s always ice cream season and there isn’t just one season in which they indulge.