Les avantages économiques du froid évaporatif (en anglais)

ACHR News a récemment publié un article sur les avantages du froid évaporatif dans les immeubles commerciaux.
According to the article Evaporative Cooling Cuts Costs published on ACHR News on May 5, 2017, HVAC systems account for approximately 40 percent of the energy used in commercial buildings. One way to cut costs may be to utilize evaporative cooling systems, which, thanks to revised design guidelines published by ASHRAE, are already frequently used in data centers.
  • The different systems available:

  • A few points to consider:
- When are evaporative cooling systems the best solution ?

They often work best in areas with low relative humidity levels. In fact, evaporative cooling also raises internal humidity levels.

- Economic advantages:
"It is not uncommon to see evaporative cooling systems provide 50 percent or more energy savings for building owners when applied appropriately”, stated Anne Wood, director of marketing at Phoenix Manufacturing Inc.

- Technical advantages:
Evaporative cooling is also becoming more popular, because the systems are relatively simple to design and maintain.

For further information on evaporative cooling, please consult the 27th IIR Informatory Note.