Les dernières tendances du marché des frigorigènes naturels présentées à Atmosphère Europe (article en anglais)

Selon l'étude de Shecco, l'Europe compte en 2013 2881 systèmes au CO2 transcritique, soit une augmentation notable de 116% par rapport à 2011.
On October 15, 2013  the Atmosphere Europe Conference was held in Brussels. It brought together over 200 HVAC&R industry experts to discuss the latest natural refrigerant market trends, technology innovations and regulatory issues.

The Shecco Head of Market Research Nina Masson, presented exclusive figures from the latest market trends for natural refrigerants in Europe.

The study showed that  to date (2013) in Europe, there are 2881 CO2 transcritical systems installed, a significant increase of 116% compared to 2011 records of 1331 units. Based on 2013 data, the country with the most installations is Denmark (712), followed by the United Kingdom (441) and Germany (429), where the number of systems increased by almost 16% since 2011.  There were a total of 1568 CO2 cascade systems combined with HFC systems installed in Europe, compared to only 16 CO2 cascade systems with ammonia.

Worldwide, there are over 3050  transcritical CO2 systems and 1950 cascade systems, European data included. USA and Canada have respectively 5 and  43 transcritical systems and 102 and 12 cascade systems. Japan has over 100 transcritical systems and only 4 cascade systems. Australia has 1 transcritical system but 160 cascade systems.

Furthermore, interesting figures can found in the new published Shecco Guide expected to be launched in November 2013

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