Les femmes n'ont pas connaissance de toutes les opportunités de carrière dans l'ingénierie (en anglais)

Au Royaume-Uni, un site d'offres d'emploi de référence révèle que 71,8 % des femmes ingénieures estiment que les jeunes femmes méconnaissent toutes les possibilités qui leur sont offertes en termes de carrière dans ce secteur. (en anglais)
In UK, a leading job site reveals that 71.8% of female engineers believe young women are unaware of the career opportunities available in the sector.

National Women in Engineering Day was celebrated on June 23, 2016. For this occasion, CV-Library asked 500 female engineers about opportunities in the sector for women.
According to them, engineering is still viewed as male” profession”. It appears that over half (56.5%) of the women surveyed believe that young females are deterred from entering the industry because engineering is still seen as ‘a male profession’, with this opinion particularly prolific amongst those aged between 25 and 34.

When asked about the key reasons for the lack of females in the sector, answers touched upon issues such as a lack of education around the subject, not enough opportunities for females in the profession, and the fact that some still believe that women find engineering and science boring.

According to Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Librarys, Young Women are Unaware of the Opportunities within the Sector. While there are great opportunities in the sector for women, a severe lack of female candidates applying to engineering roles is noticed. For example, of over 105,000 engineering jobs advertised on CV-Library, there were over 2.1 million applications. However, only 9.2% (202,666) of those came from female applicants.

Furthermore, the female engineers surveyed also expressed concern that young women simply aren’t aware of the engineering opportunities available to them, with 71.8% confirming that there is a significant lack of awareness.
Female engineers face too a tough battle against their male counterparts when it comes to scoring a successful career, as gender inequality within the sector rages on. A staggering 73.2% of CV-Library’s female engineering candidates believe that gender discrimination is an issue, while 63.3% believe that they’ve missed out on job opportunities unfairly to their male colleagues.

The general opinion amongst today’s women in the engineering sector is that young females simply aren’t aware of their career options, and that changes must be made within the education system to entice women into the sector. When asked, 92.5% of female engineers stated that more women would want to work in the sector if they were taught about it from an early age.
For Narina Sekhon, project coordinator at the Women’s Engineering Society, CV-Library’s findings uncover the realities of what it’s like for women working in the sector. But, there are plenty of fantastic opportunities for women to embrace.