Markets: UK retail frozen food market

The latest information from TNS Worldpanel shows that the UK retail frozen food market is now worth GBP 4.8 billion, with the market showing 5.8% year on year growth as at November 30, 2008. The vegetables sector is now growing faster in value at 9.7% year on year than any other sector. The fish sector has now grown from GBP 584 million in 2006 to GBP 690 million in 2008. Ready meals now continue to grow in value increasing to 3.4% year on year, whilst only a year ago the sector was in decline by 3.8%, whilst the pizza sector has made significant growth at 6.3%. Ice cream sales dropped 5.9% owing to cool summer weather, but value has increased 3.3% via a switch to premium lines. The potato products sector continues to make steady growth in value at 5.5% year on year.