Mexichem, DuPont et Honeywell ont annoncé de nouveaux frigorigènes alternatifs au R404A et au R134a

M. Cooper, sales manager for Mexichem, revealed in RAC the manufacturer’s offering for stationary refrigeration would be based on its AC5 refrigerant (R444A) which has been undergoing development as a mobile air-conditioning refrigerant.
AC5 has a GWP of 90 but is rated A2L (mildly flammable) by ASHRAE. So Mexichem has also developed AC5X, which is non-flammable but has a higher GWP of 620. Both are said equivalent to R134a in performance.
M. Cooper concluded that “optimizing performance is a trade-off between GWP, flammability and energy efficiency. There is no perfect refrigerant so you have to make a compromise”.
He also announced HFO-based replacement for R404A called LTR4X, which has a GWP of about 1300 and which could be described as an even lower version of R407A.

J. Gerstel, product manager for DuPont revealed its non-flammable HFO-based replacement for R404A, known as XP40 (GWP = 1400) was in advanced stages of development. He mentioned that DuPont’s tests for low and medium temperatures have shown that its energy efficiency was 8-12% better than R404A.

K. Takise, Asia Business Director for Honeywell, confirmed to JARN that Honeywell alternatives to R404A were N-40, a non-flammable refrigerant which has a GWP of around 1300 and L-40, a mildly flammable refrigerant with a GWP of less than 300.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, December 2013 
, November 25, 2013