Modine won contract to develop CO2 air conditioning system

On November 11, 2004, Modine Manufacturing Company announced that it has won a second-generation contract with the United States Army, Research and Developing Command, to continue to develop alternative HVAC systems that use CO2. Modine will demonstrate its technology on two systems used by the army. - Up-Armoured M1114 High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs), which are in active use by the US army in hot climates. - Environmental Control Units (ECUs), sued to provide space heating and cooling for personnel and equipment. The first-generation contracted awarded September 2003 allowed Modine to develop both climate control systems and fit the first CO2 cooled HMMWV and ECU. This second-generation contract; valued at 2.975 million USD, should allow Modine to optimize the designs, performance and manufacturing, with performance being a priority. John Manzione, the Environmental technology Team Leader and CO2 project manager at the Army's Research and Developing Command said " these HMMWVs are being deployed as armoured vehicles, with heavily equipped soldiers operating in extreme temperatures […]. A higher performing cooling system in a more compact and lightweight package offers tremendous operational advantages".