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The CD-ROM proceedings of Ammonia Refrigerating Systems, Renewal and Improvement, an IIR conference held in Ohrid, Macedonia (FYROM), on May 6-8, 2005, comprise 29 papers spanning a wide range of ammonia applications. Key topics: past, present and future use of ammonia, design of modern ammonia systems and technological innovation, energy efficiency of ammonia refrigeration, applications of ammonia refrigeration and ammonia systems in developing countries. Price: 20 €. Handbook on Ice Slurries - Fundamentals and Engineering is the fruit of work performed by the IIR Working Party on Ice Slurries and contains everything a reader could possibly want to know about ice slurries. Edited by Michael Kauffeld, Masahiro Kawaji and Peter W. Egolf, around 50 international experts contributed to this unique book summarizing current knowledge in this field. Topics range from past use, modern applications, perspectives, other phase-change slurries, flow and pressure drop, current and future production methods, pumping, storage and insulation, modelling, melting methods, food processing, comfort cooling and an insight into future applications. Price: 80 € (book + CD-ROM) or 60 € (CD-ROM alone). Order either or both these publications:,