New IIR publications: Properties of Secondary Working Fluids for Indirect Systems

This expanded 2nd edition responds to rising use of secondary refrigerant systems used in many applications. It comprises comprehensive data on a number of aqueous solutions of ethylene and propylene glycol, ethanol, glycerol, ammonia, chlorides and potassium salts. An entire chapter is devoted to: freezing point, density, specific heat, thermal conductivity, viscosity, boiling point, vapour pressure, surface tension and specific conductance. Vital issues such as toxicity, the environmental impact and corrosion are covered. Charts make it possible to compare commercial products and to perform comparisons of fluids with respect to energy transport, pressure drop and heat transfer. An entire chapter is devoted to carbon dioxide and another chapter deals with ice slurry. Dozens of tables and charts enable readers to obtain data on 14 working fluids. English version only: 40 €.