New R32 air-conditioning unit for Europe

Daikin announces Europe to see first air conditioning heat pump using the "slightly flammable" R32 refrigerant ...

As announced by Daikin, Europe will see its first air conditioning heat pump using R32 as early as this autumn. Following the 2012 declaration of the commercialisation of R32 as a replacement refrigerant for R410A in the Far East, Daikin publicised an updated Ururu Sarara range will be launched in autumn 2013.

According to Daikin, the use of R32 in the range allows for very high energy efficiencies:   the R32 system is said to achieve a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of up to 9.54, (i.e. an Energy Rate of A+++) and a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of up to 5.9 (A+++).

R32 is classified as A2L - "slightly flammable" -  by ASHRAE and has a GWP of 675, a reduction of 68% compared with R410A’s GWP of 2 088. It is also claimed to achieve higher efficiency levels both in part load and full load conditions. As a single component refrigerant, it does not suffer from any temperature glide, remains easy to recycle and uncomplicated to use in most existing R410A systems, providing that the proper safety measures are taken.