New technology to reduce emissions and save energy

In November 2004, Eddie Woods, founder of Meeko2004, an organization working in coordination with Oklahoma State University to bring new technology to the air-conditioning industry, announced that a new patent-pending technology aimed at reducing refrigerant emissions and lowering energy consumption in cooling systems would be presented at the 2005 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in Orlando, Florida. This new device is called Quality and Efficiency Assurance (QEA). It is positioned very close to the compressor and is linked to the high and low pressure lines of the refrigerating system. The device ensures that no non-condensables (air, water or other contaminants) are present and that refrigerant lines are free of leaks, ensuring that a proper vacuum is created before charging the system with refrigerants. Basically the device will allow access to refrigerant charging points only if the correct vacuum is present. According to the developer, the device has many advantages, including minimizing refrigerant emissions to the industry minimum, notifying the installer of a properly sealed system during installation through autodetection, providing for maximum efficiency which lowers energy consumption, preventing lubrication loss and compressor wear and preventing acid formation due to non-condensables.