News from IIR members: Danfoss

A pleasant indoor climate and no energy costs. This is what it feels like to live in the Zero+ house - the first home in Denmark that produces more power than is actually consumed. The house supplies its own heating and electricity and generates excess electricity. The Zero+ house is in central Sønderborg, southern Denmark. The superbly insulated house is installed with a ventilation system with heat recovery, which ensures that half the air inside is replenished automatically every hour. The 200 m² house is equipped with a combination of Danfoss technologies that reduce its energy consumption. The ventilation system uses heat recovery, the ground-heat system and the energy-efficient heat pump that produces the necessary heat and utility water. The heat is emitted via fast-acting floor-heating, a SpeedUp system which reacts and regulates the temperature in just 15 minutes. The need for power is covered by 60 m² of solar cells mounted on the roof. In the first year this produced 5160 kWh, despite the fact that the solar cells were covered by snow for 2 ½ months. Since the family has only used 5133 kWh, this left them with a surplus of 27 kWh over a 1-year period. The family has saved 2687 € on its annual energy bill. The house is connected with a local combined heat and power plant via the electricity network.