News from IIR members: MYCOM Mayekawa

The Japanese compressor manufacturer MYCOM Mayekawa will be introducing its high-efficiency NH3/CO2 cooling system NewTon3000 within the context of the Garden City Ammonia Program (GCAP). GCAP is actively promoting CO2 emissions reduction and providing education for natural refrigerant systems and has no have teamed up with Mayekawa to introduce the highly efficient NH3/CO2 cooling system NewTon3000 the GCAP School in Kansas, USA. The system's new NH3 compressor achieves a 20% reduction in power consumption, while Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) shows 33% of CO2 emissions reduction compared to systems using HFC-404A. For higher safety, the system employs CO2 as a secondary working fluid, thus limiting the amount of NH3 refrigerant to approximately 1/6th. The reduced ammonia refrigerant charge is an important aspect to GCAP, as in recent years, regulations governing ammonia charge have been tightened at state level. NewTon3000: basic specifications: - Semi-hermetic screw compressor package - Screw rotor with new profile - IPM motor: the first screw compressor with NH3 semi-hermetic IPM motor in the world - Double economizer put on low-stage to increase super-cooling degree - NH3 flooded evaporator that improves energy conservation. GCAP is the only private industrial ammonia technical school providing education for the industrial ammonia refrigeration operator for efficiency, safety, and compliance. It has supplied training to operators from 412 companies from over 16 countries and its spectrum of ammonia training is customized, ranging from the quick start with no experience to the seasoned operator: (free on-line training).