News from IIR members: Nestlé

Nestlé's confectionery production facility in Halifax, UK, has implemented an award-winning innovative ammonia heat pump plant to power its operations, cutting costs at the site by over 240 000 € per year. The system, formed by a collaborative effort between Star Refrigeration, Vilter Manufacturing Inc. and Cool Partners (Denmark) recently won the Industrial and Commercial Project of the Year at the 2010 RAC awards. Although the new refrigeration plant provides both heating and cooling, it consumes 143 000 € less electricity per year than the previous cooling only plant. The ammonia heat pump system simultaneously delivers chilled glycol and hot water at 60oC using waste heat, and features a single stage screw compressor. With the new system, heat can be taken from the 0 ̊C process glycol at -5 ̊C and lifted to 60 ̊C in one stage for heating.