News from IIR members: Star Refrigeration

Star Refrigeration has installed a highly efficient Azanechiller at a Scottish meat processing facility. The central pumped glycol system has a total cooling capacity of 365kW and includes pumps with variable speed drives, six ceiling mounted glycol coolers and a computerized control system. Star claims that the Azanechiller offers a 30% increase in performance compared with standard HFC chillers.
Together with Norwegian refrigeration partner Norsk Kulde, Star Refrigeration has installed an ammonia Neatpump that extracts heat from seawater from the harbour in Ramsund, Norway for the Naval Military Base there. Replacing an ageing R134a heat pump system. The heat-pump system uses a low charge of ammonia, a refrigerant meets the environmental needs of the Norwegian military. The plant has a 600kW capacity and a COP of 2.7, heating water to temperatures between 60 and 68°C.
Star designed, supplied and installed a state-of-the-art central ammonia refrigeration plant, with energy saving equipment and control at Arla Foods in West Yorkshire, UK. The central ammonia system consists of five screw compressors, three featuring inverter drives to optimize part load efficiency. Heat is rejected via three evaporative condensers with inverter driven fans that are located above the plant on the roof of the building. With total cooling demand of 5 MW, the system operates at three separate temperature levels. A chilled water circuit provides cooling for the building’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.