Nouveau système "Hybrid VRF"

Le nouveau système "Hybrid VRF" (débit variable de frigorigène), lancé par Mitsubishi Electric, est annoncé comme combinant les avantages des technologies des refroidisseurs avec la flexibilité et l'efficacité des systèmes VRF classiques.
The new Hybrid VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow), launched by Mitsubishi Electric, is said to combine the advantages of chiller technology with the flexibility and efficiency of traditional VRF systems. It provides simultaneous heating and cooling with heat recovery through a two-pipe system that uses refrigerant between the outdoor units (up to 16) and the HBC (Hydro Branch Controller), and water between the HBC and the indoor units. Two refrigerant pipes connect the outdoor units to the HBC, allowing operation without using refrigerant in occupied spaces and removing the need for leak detection equipment. According to Mitsubishi Electric, the Hybrid system allows 50% savings in run cost and 56% savings in CO2 emissions as compared with a 4-pipe system.