Nouvelles des membre de l'IIF : Daikin

Daikin a lancé un nouveau système de conditionnement d'air à débit de frigorigène variable (VRV) pour répondre aux exigences spécifiques de la ville et des zones urbaines où l'espace est limité et où les clients veulent un conditionneur d'air peu visible. (en anglais)
Daikin has launched a new VRV solution to meet the specific demands of city and urban locations where space is limited and customers want an invisible air conditioning solution.

HVAC manufacturer Daikin has launched VRV IV outdoor unit for indoor use, retail and other light commercial businesses.
A unique split concept with a separate compressor and heat exchanger allows the VRV IV i-series to be installed discretely indoors and the outside unit to be placed within proximity of the indoor unit, showing only the grilles from the outside. For maximum concealment, grille units can be hidden behind façade features such as pediments, logos or even incorporated into the building design.

According to Daikin, the indoor installation offers a better economical solution than conventional outdoor units. The two-part design and easy system handling eliminates the need for plant lifting into place, making the process both quicker and more cost-effective. This new system ensures installation costs are kept to a minimum and cause no disruption to neighbouring buildings above. In addition, a rotating switch box in the compressor unit is tilting, giving full and easy access to all parts from the front of the unit for easy servicing.

The compressor unit uses only 600x550mm of floorspace and weighs just 80kg. With a very low operating sound of 47dBA, it is designed to fit unobtrusively into small spaces such as a back office, technical areas, storage rooms or kitchen cupboards. The second part of the unit, the compact heat exchanger, which is only 400mm high weighing 90kg, allows it to be concealed in false ceiling spaces.

The design of the VRV IV i-series incorporates a V-shaped heat exchanger which delivers the same high efficiency as a mini VRV outdoor unit. According to Daikin, the super-efficient centrifugal fans have been found to be 85% more efficient than the sirocco fans which are the market standard today, and use backwardcurved blade technology to ensure an efficient air flow over the heat exchanger with minimal turbulence. Moreover, the system has been optimised to provide a higher air flow and static pressure, and provide even better efficiency compared to a standard ducted outdoor unit.