Nouvelles des membres de l'IIF : Angelantoni Group

"COLD ENERGY" est une solution innovante visant à améliorer l'efficacité énergétique des systèmes frigorifiques à compression nouveaux ou existants grâce à l'utilisation d'une technologie du secteur automobile pour améliorer la récupération d'énergie des échangeurs de chaleur.
Turboalgor, a new born company of the Angelantoni Group, IIR corporate member, is developping “COLD ENERGY” an innovative solution to improve energy efficiency both for old and new compression refrigeration systems by transferring a highly efficient automotive technology to enhance energy recovery of heat exchangers.

For this purpose, the project targets to the adaptation of a turbocharger similar to those used in automotive sector, to a refrigeration system.
This solution is said to increase energy savings of refrigeration systems up to 23% in comparison with existing systems and increases the cooling power by more than 50% in the best case, depending on the operating temperature.
The technology is particularly suitable for both cold (low temperature) and cooling (medium temperature) industrial refrigeration plants as well as house and office air-conditioning systems (high temperature).

According to Turboalgor, COLD ENERGY has the makings of a disruptive and innovative solution to improve energy efficiency both for old and new refrigeration systems.
The project has received support from many Pan-European manufacturing companies with a specific role in the cold value chain as well as from the Italian Ministry of Environment and the Economic Interest Grouping SPES.

COLD ENERGY project has selected Food industry and Large Scale Distribution and retail sector as the targeted final users in a first stage of the commercialization plan. Further expansion of the business model will be targeted to cover refrigeration appliances for Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.