Nouvelles des membres de l'IIF : Embraco (en anglais)

Embraco, membre collectif de l'IIF, a annoncé le développement d'un nouveau compresseur linéaire sans huile, dédié à une utilisation domestique.
Brazilian Hermetic refrigeration compressor manufacturer Embraco announced the development of a new oil-less linear compressor design for domestic refrigeration, compatible with both R134a and R600a.

Developed jointly with New Zealand company Fisher & Paykel and the Whirlpool Corporation, the technology allegedly offers superior efficiency levels compared to current compressors.

The linear compressor has no crank mechanism and its piston is oscillated by linear motor and helical coil spring. Previously linear motors have been used, however this is the first time that an oil-less version is available globally. With technology providing modulation simply by variations in the compressor stroke through a variable voltage power device, it is considerably less expensive than variable frequency devices.

Also, as there is no crankshaft, linear compressors are said to suffer less friction loss and wear problems than conventional compressors.

Additionally, the linear compressors are more compact and, being oil-less, enable different orientation within the fridge, creating better use of space. They are also said to be less noisy, up to 20% more efficient than conventional hermetics and promise more stable refrigerator temperatures.

The first units are thought to be destined for the US market with output from the company’s factory in Mexico predicted to reach 1.5 million in 2015 .