Nouvelles des membres de l'IIF : Linde

Linde Kryotechnik, société spécialisée en cryogénie, a mis au point un système frigorifique révolutionnaire capable de refroidir à des températures extrêmes observées lors d'une expérience visant à former un combustible de fusion.
Linde Kryotechnik cryogenic company has developed a groundbreaking refrigeration system used to cool extreme temperatures in an experiment to create fusion fuel.

The Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) developed the Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) fusion device in Germany which successfully generated hydrogen plasma for the first time in a fusion experiment. The objective of the project, which will run for the next four years, is to demonstrate the ability of continuous operation under plasma conditions. Ultimately, this will enable the harvest of energy from the fusion of atomic nuclei, to create pioneering fusion fuel.

The system is capable of cooling the W7-X’s 50 magnetic coils to superconduction temperature (close to absolute zero) with supercritical helium. Since its start the W7-X device has produced over 300 discharges with helium. The IPP suggest that as little as one gram of fusion fuel can deliver the same amount of energy as 11 tonnes of coal, and could potentially power the world’s energy needs indefinitely.