Oil-free chillers

At the beginning of 2005, Climavenata will launch its new range of liquid chillers: the "Turbo Efficiency Climaveneta System" (Tecs), which is an oil-free chiller. The range is fitted with Danfoss-Turbocor R-134a centrifugal compressors : leading-edge miniaturised compressors, featuring magnetic bearings and digital impeller speed control, partial load efficiency levels that have never been obtained up till now. Compression is obtained by two high-speed impellers, driven by a continuously variable frequency motor, which deliver the exact cooling capacity required by the system. Every component has been optimised in order to achieve a double goal: very low sound levels and increased energy efficiency. According to the manufacturer, the Tecs range can achieve performance coefficients ranging from 5 to 10. These chillers will be available with a cooling capacity from 200 to 2200 kW.