Pas de frigorigène dans les espaces occupés grâce au système de climatisation hybride-VRF (en anglais)

Mitsubishi Electric lance un système de climatisation hybride-VRF (HVRF) qui n'utilise pas de fluide frigorigène à l'intérieur des espaces occupés et réduit considérablement l'installation et les coûts d'exploitation.
Mitsubishi Electric has launched a Hybrid-VRF (HVRF) air-conditioning system which uses no refrigerant within a buildings' occupied spaces and significantly reduces the installation and running costs, in addition to lowering carbon emissions compared to traditional refrigerant-based VRF systems.

The water-based air conditioning system works by using 'two-pipe technology', providing heating and cooling simultaneously, in combination with an efficient and flexible heat recovery VRF system.

The hybrid system equipment is more expensive to buy than common air conditioning systems which use refrigerant within occupied spaces. However, the HVRF system has significantly lower installation costs than traditional systems. According to Mitsubishi Electric, the HVRF system demonstrated a 60% saving on the running cost and a reduction on CO2 emissions by three quarters.