Polish ice-cream market figures

According to a study, performed by Loupe Etudes, the Polish ice-cream market is not yet saturated
Two different estimations of the overall value of the Polish ice-cream market have been proposed recently: Euromonitor International, estimated it at 1.5 billion zlotys (around 358 million €) in 2010, but A.C. Nielsen estimates it at 1.15 billion zlotys (around 275 million €) for the same year, which represents roughly 121 700 000 litres in volume.

According to a study, performed by Loupe Etudes, the Polish market is not yet saturated: an average Pole consumes 3.71 litres of ice cream, only roughly over half what an average German or Italian consumes. Euromonitor forecasts that the Polish market could reach up to 1.9 billion zlotys (454 million €) in 2015.

The market is also changing structurally as an increasing number of consumers seem to be drawn to higher quality products, whether spot-consumption or take-home ice cream. This change was initially stimulated by the appearance of Häagen-Dazs’s entry on the market, followed by Mövenpick, but was soon watered down by the economic recession, hindering the former’s sales and forcing the latter to lower their prices. In addition, a demographic boom bringing a million children of preschool age onto the market has contributed to its reshaping.

The whole study is available here: www.loupe-etudes.eu/fr/boutique/alimentaire