Production et consommation de HCFC dans les pays en développement (en anglais)

Des données récentes sur la production et la consommation des HCFC dans les pays en développement ont été soumises au Comité du Fonds multilatéral pour l'application du Protocole de Montréal.

On the occasion of the 80th meeting of the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol, data on the HCFC production and consumption of Article 5 countries (or A5 countries, or developing countries) were submitted to the Committee.

147 A5 countries have an established HCFC baseline for compliance, with an aggregated latest consumption level of 359,969 metric tonnes (or 23,019.3 ODP tonnes). The main HCFCs are R22 (68.7% of the total consumption measured in ODP tonnes), R141b (27.8%) and R142b (3.3%). The production of R22 by A5 countries is estimated at 16,191.2 ODP tonnes in 2016 and has been decreasing since 2014. R22 consumption is valued at 14,288.7 ODP tonnes in 2016 and decreases since 2012. Refrigeration manufacturing and refrigeration servicing represent the refrigeration sectors where the HCFC consumption is greatest, with 13,049.8 ODP tonnes in 2016 (more than 55% of the total HCFC consumption).

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