Record year for air conditioners and heat pump shipments in the US

In June 2004, manufacturers of central air conditioners and heat pumps set a single month record of 1 081 147 shipments. This puts the industry on a pace to exceed, for the first time, 7 000 000 units in 2004. Shipments for residential and light commercial units increased by 14% compared with June 2003, including a 24% increase in heat pump shipments (236 433 heat pumps). The HVAC market is growing at a great pace, particularly as demand for replacements increases and due to the increased popularity of comfort control equipment. At the current pace, shipments in 2004 could reach 7.3 million units plus exports of 600 000 units, which, compared with the 3.3 million units shipped in 1984, is a significant increase and third straight record year.