Récupération de chaleur résiduelle dans un centre de données finlandais (en anglais)

Les sociétés Ericcson et Fortum ont signé un accord pour récupérer la chaleur résiduelle d'un centre de données à destination du chauffage urbain.

The telecommunications company Ericsson operates a data centre in Kirkkonummi, southern Finland. The facility currently generates between 10,000 and 15,000 MWh of waste heat annually and it is expected to nearly double in 2017 and 2018.


To recover this waste heat, Ericsson signed an agreement in November 2016 with energy company Fortum to use waste heat for district heating. The waste heat from Ericsson’s data centre actually covers about 20% of the Kirkkonummi district heat network’s annual heat demand, enough to meet the annual heating needs of about 1,000 single-family homes, thanks to a large heating network (over 800 km of pipes). Fortum will invest in two Climaveneta heat pumps, used as a primary cooling method. They will use R1234ze, a refrigerant with a very low GWP (<1).


For further information, please consult: http://bit.ly/WasteHeat1-NL71 and http://bit.ly/WasteHeat2-NL71