Report on "Cryogen-Expo" 2004, Moscow

The 3rd International Specialized Trade Fair "Cryogen-Expo", was held in Moscow on November 16-19, 2004. The main purpose of this successful event was to demonstrate and promote the achievements of cryogenic engineering and applied technologies in the different branches of industry and medicine and help exhibitors establish new business contacts. More than 40 scientists and specialists in the field of the cryo-engineering and medical cryology from Russia, Ukraine and Germany presented papers during the 2-day conference. The themes included: - "Cryogenic Technologies and Equipment: Prospects of Development": manufacture, storage and transportation of LNG and inert gases; air separation installations and processes, storage and transportation of separated products; liquid hydrogen and hydrogen technologies; application, operating experience of cryogenic engineering and technologies in industry, science and agriculture. "New achievements in practical medical cryology": general and local extreme aerocryotherapy, cryosurgery for internal pathological processes, cryogenic treatment of tumours and focal pathological skin processes; cryogenic treatment in gynaecology; cryogenic treatment of upper respiratory pathways and the buccal cavity; new cryogenic medical devices and equipment. The 4th International Specialized Trade Fair "Cryogen-Expo" will be held in Moscow on September 15-18, 2005. The exhibition will cover all cryogenic branches including cryo-engineering, equipment and application of cryogenic technologies. Scientific and practical workshops, as well as round tables and presentations will also be organized during this event. For further information: or