République dominicaine : le marché des produits alimentaires réfrigérés transformés

Le secteur des produits alimentaires réfrigérés transformés en République Dominicaine devrait voir devrait voir ses niveaux de consommation augmenter légèrement au cours des cinq prochaines années.
The Dominican chilled processed food sector has been forecast to see consumption levels increase slightly over the next five years, experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2% in constant value and 1% in retail volume terms.

The category is mature and benefits from consistent consumer purchasing of salam, considered a traditional Dominican food. Chilled processed food directly competes with frozen and canned food options, although each reaches a slightly different consumer segment.

Canned food is found throughout the country, even in small independent grocers. Chilled processed food, especially frozen food, is more difficult for smaller retailers to stock given the country's frequent blackouts.

According to a recent Euromonitor report on companiesandmarkets.com, the category is dominated by chilled processed meat, although chilled pasta is also highly consumed in the Dominican Republic.

The consumption of salami, ham and sausages is strong among all Dominican consumers, regardless of their economic position.  Although salami needs to be refrigerated, it is stocked by a significant percentage of independent small grocers as all Dominicans buy salami.

Sigma Alimentos, with its brands Checo and Sosua, continued to dominate the Dominican chilled processed meat industry in 2012, holding a 40% value share.