Royaume Uni: 48% des climatiseurs achetés avant 2004 fonctionnent encore au R22 (en anglais)

Une enquête auprès de plus de 2500 clients ayant acheté des climatiseurs avant 2004 a montré que près de la moitié des systèmes en activité fonctionnent encore au R22.
A contractor’s survey of over 2,500 customers who bought air conditioners prior to 2004 found that nearly half of the systems are still operating on R22.

According to EC Regulation EC/1005/2009 on ozone-depleting substances (ODS), the use of recycled HCFCs will be prohibited, from January 1, 2015, in the maintenance and servicing of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment existing at that date. Despite this fact, many companies have still failed to act.

The survey was conducted by contractor AirConUK amongst 2,564 businesses on its database who had bought air-conditioning systems prior to the ban on new R22 equipment on January 1 2004,  found that while many businesses already have compliant air-conditioning systems some of those with pre-2004 units are struggling to come to terms with the new legislation.

Among the companies with air conditioning, only 52% said they’ve made the change or were in the process of doing so. 40% said they were aware of the need to change but had done nothing yet and 8% said that they were unaware of the R22 phase-out.

Nearly two-thirds of those who had not phased R22 out of their systems cited cost as the major factor in delaying the work.