Royaume-Uni: un refroidisseur de pompe à chaleur à double usage avec récupération de chaleur (en anglais)

Une unité de soins de l'hôpital de district de Salisbury a récemment été équipée d'un refroidisseur à pompe à chaleur innovant à haute efficacité.

The Salisbury District Hospital’s Breast Care Unit has recently been equipped with an innovative high efficiency heat pump chiller.

The Thaity 117 system, developed by Rhoss and the Padua University is composed of a dual-purpose coil enabling it to operate as a water chiller at a temperature of 6 °C during summer, and as a water heater at 45 °C during winter. The system is linked to an air handler unit installed in a roof-top plant room and delivers up to 16 kW of cooling and 18 kW of heating. The packaged reversible DX heat pump is equipped with a heat recovery system based on an efficient compact brazed plate heat exchanger.

It does not require refrigerant pipework to be installed within the building, and the R410A refrigerant charge is extremely small. Noise was an important issue and the system operates with very low noise levels due to the modulating compressors and fans.

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