Save 2002 project: "European Certified Heat Pump Installer"

The project proposal was prepared by European Heat Pump Association and was approved by the European Commission in December 2003. It develops a common European strategy, as many European countries have already started initiatives at different stages. The kick-off meeting took place on March 18, 2004. According to the EHPA, heat pumps suffer from the fact that they are more complicated than other heating systems and that their efficiency and quality depend very strongly on the planning, design and installation of the whole system. Furthermore, at the moment markets are growing faster than the pool of qualified installers. Hence, the outcome of this project is designed to: - summarize the national experiences concerning training course. - transfer and exchange know-how within Europe - have common agreed training targets for heat pump installers and European curricula for the training course. - develop a European Certificate and Accreditation and Certification Programme - have the first European training courses and First Certified Heat Pump Installer. - standardize on-site monitoring data gathered from the certification proces. - install working group. - develop European Procurement Guidelines for architects and planners. According to the EHPA, the project may have a significant impact on the European market, as not only will it create a pool of well-trained heat pump installers, but a trademark could also be created. Good practice in the field of developing sustainable energy technologies and their market should be transferred and practices should be harmonized and standardized through the creation of a European Heat Pump Installer Certification Board.