Statutory meetings of the IIR

The annual statutory meetings of the IIR took place on June 6-9, 2006, in the beautiful premises of the French Ministry of Research in Paris: the Publications Sub-Committee, the Management Committee, the Science and Technology Council and the Executive Committee all met. We reviewed all the actions undertaken during 2005-2006 and various projects underway: evolution of the Fridoc database, publications, role of commission members, conferences, policy regarding member countries, preparation of the Congress in Beijing in August 2007, preparation of the 100th Anniversary in 2008. Some actions have already been agreed on for the Centenary. A conference will be held in Paris on Thursday June 12, 2008. Other conferences and events will be held in different member countries: Austria, the Netherlands, Serbia, Switzerland, are already preparing such events. 2008 must be Refrigeration Year. This year's lecture was given by Mr. Leif Bøgh Sørensen and was on Food Safety. Over 120 persons attended this lecture.